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Cigars Cigar Sense 2

Know what flavours attract you to cigars – but not which cigars deliver them? Look…

Cigars crownedheads1a

Cigar Editor Nick Hammond continues his series taking a closer look at New World cigars. In this article, he speaks to Jon Huber, co-creator of boutique specialists, Crowned Heads…

Cigars cigarnightcap

Cigar Editor Nick Hammond discovers the perfect ‘nightcap’, employs his very own cigar butler and stumbles across the ideal aide memoire for the forgetful cigarophile in your life…

Cigars Padron cigars

“When it comes to cigars, the world is neatly cleaved in two. Forget the different regions, the different soils, the climates and the countries. You either smoke Cubans or Non-Cubans.” Behold the New World cigars…

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