Krug & Chips


Kerry May finds liquid salt, powdered vinegar and an extraordinary combination of delights waiting for her in Covent Garden…

Anyone in London yesterday or today couldn’t fail to notice there was a small tube strike going on. It was just a little industrial action which more or less brought anyone who had to get anywhere to their knees, or at least to their most comfy shoes.

It was a real treat then, to hop into a pre-booked car to take us to Covent Garden. Yes, the traffic was awful and we crept along The Mall rather like royalty in some kind of parade of the mundane, but I simply loved the quiet spell in which to shut out the rest of the world and to anticipate the treat that lay in wait for us – the Krug & Chips pop-up experience. 

Further to the success of Krug Kreperie and Krug Krustacean, this year Maison Krug have set to work with Michelin starred chef Tom Sellers to turn their attention to the humble potato.

The result is that they have taken the concept of the good old fashioned British chippy, and given it the ultimate deluxe revamp. Sure, you still get the cardboard tray lined with (bespoke) newspaper to eat from, but within that box will be your choice of either fish in chips (a potato ravioli containing a whole tiny fish in tartar sauce), a lobster claw wrapped in potato spaghetti or (my runaway favourite) monkfish cheek in curry sauce served with delicate matchstick fries. All exceptionally tasty and served, naturally, with a glass of delectable Krug. Also on the table were further unexpected innovations in the form of powdered vinegar and liquid salt, which are obviously the way forward.  

You’d best depart immediately for your chance to savour this third incarnation of excellence.

Until July 12th only, the Krug & Chips pop-up can be found in the East Piazza, Covent Garden. For tickets and further information visit Krug & Chips.