Author Lucy Shaw

A wine scribe with a penchant for poetry, white truffles and purple velvet, Lucy spends her days imbibing the finest wines known to humanity at tastings, and her evenings doing much the same at wine dinners. When not being wined and dined, she enjoys exploring London’s clandestine debauchery dens, ambling around art galleries and watching foreign films.


In an exploration of terroir, texture and taste, Lucy Shaw and a couple of thirsty tag-alongs tour the villages and landscapes of Champagne, where layers of chalk lend the bubbles a steely mineral core.


Supine on a striped sofa in the appropriately titled “Petting Room” of Quo Vadis members’ club in Soho, Lucy Shaw is surrounded by leather, lingerie and literature. She is about to indulge in the Wines of Rapture.

London Restaurants

I’m nestled in a low-slung black leather booth opposite Jonesy, who, much to his dissatisfaction,…